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Volume5 » Issue 10
Paper Id : 1Q4L5Z
Title : Appraisal System in Human Resources
Author(s) : Dr Mohammed.Shafiuddin,,,
College(s) : Nizwa College of Technology
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Paper Id : 5U4W4F
Title : Consumer behavior Analysis based on Social Media Data: Hypothetical Sentiment Data Analyzer Solution to Enable Enriched Inferences
Author(s) : Radhakrishnan Balakrishnan ,,,
College(s) : Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Cochin, Kerala
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Paper Id : 1D5W8H
Title : A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction in Manufacturing Sector
Author(s) : Dr. V.Lavanya,,,
College(s) : National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
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Paper Id : 4U0C1T
Title : MIMO System Provision to high Capacity & Performances for Next Generation Network; Reviewing Technologies
Author(s) : Dr. Yahya Ali Lafta Alhusseiny,,,
College(s) : xyz
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Paper Id : 4W8I2N
Title : E-Learning in India: A SWOT Analysis
Author(s) : Dr. B. Naresh , Dr. Rajalakshmi M,,,
College(s) : Pune Institute of Business Management, Pune
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Paper Id : 4Q7H7L
Title : How to Spread Systematic Innovation Approach in SMEs. Evaluating Italian Experience for Replicating the Model in Indian Context.
Author(s) : Davide Russo, Santosh Khawale ,,,
College(s) : University of Bergamo, ITALY
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Paper Id : 2L3S6M
Title : Effects of Organisational Communication on Group Cohesion in a Multi-Campus University
Author(s) : Charles Baba Campion,,,
College(s) : University of Education, Winneba, Ghana
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