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Volume5 » Issue 9
Paper Id : 4B5Q6N
Title : Floods in Imphal Valley –Causes, Effects and Preventive Measures
Author(s) : L Sherjit Singh* and Ibameaihun Dhar,,,
College(s) : NEHU Shillong
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Paper Id : 0Q4G8H
Title : Germanium-Silicon Based Hetero Junction Cylindrical Gate All Around Field Effect Transistor for Improved Performance
Author(s) : Sakib Quader, Abu Bakar Siddik, N. M. Mahmud Hossain, Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury,,,
College(s) : United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Paper Id : 1S8E7G
Title : Multilevel Security System
Author(s) : Ravindra Hingle,,,
College(s) : Shri Ramdeobaba College Of Engineering And Management, Nagpur
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Paper Id : 4I4T3F
Title : A Markov Based Cell Range Expansion Optimization in Two-tier HetNets System
Author(s) : Weijie Qi, Baoling Zhang, Jie Zhang,,,
College(s) : The University of Sheffield
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Paper Id : 2M9L7R
Title : 1-Bit Full Adder Cell Implemented Using Nanostructures Field-Effect Transistors (nano-FETs)
Author(s) : Bander Saman,,,
College(s) : Taif University, KSA
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Paper Id : 1U7T5G
Title : Soft Tissue Sacromas Segmentation using Optimized Otsu Thresholding Algorithms
Author(s) : Şaban ÖZTÜRK, Bayram AKDEMİR, Umut ÖZKAYA, Levent SEYFİ,,,
College(s) : Selçuk University Konya, Turkey
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Paper Id : 0C8Z0E
Title : An Extreme-Low-Frequency Filter for Biomedical Front-End Systems
Author(s) : Cing-Cin, Ciou, Miin-Shyue, Shiau, Don-Gey, Liu,,,
College(s) : xyz
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Paper Id : 4D9H0G
Title : Exploring New Services for Effective Service Delivery: The Case of Public Transportation.
Author(s) : Dr. Govind Nath Srivastava,,,
College(s) : Pune Institute of Business Management, Pune
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Paper Id : 6S7N4D
Title : Shashi Deshpande: Her Narrative Art
Author(s) : Dr. Deepali Sharma,,,
College(s) : FET, Agra College, Agra
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Paper Id : 3F5H9F
Title : Magnetic Moment of Heavy Baryons
Author(s) : A.R. Haghpeima,,,
College(s) : Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch, Iran
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Paper Id : 8J3K0V
Title : Women in Leadership
Author(s) : Kashif Sajid,,,
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Paper Id : 0D9Y3U
Title : Numerical Study of an Exhaust Heat Recovery System using Helical Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger
Author(s) : Vamsi Mokkapati, Chuen-Sen Lin,,,
College(s) : University of Alaska Fairbanks P.O. Box, Fairbanks, AK, USA
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